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Stachler Law Firm handles all aspects of providing debt relief, from debt negotiation of collections accounts, to debt defense in collections lawsuits, to pursuing debt collectors for violation of consumer protection statutes.  Through a unique system of leveraging pre-lawsuit negotiation strategies, with business saavy, and managing litigation timelines  with unique settlement solutions, Stachler Law Firm has successfully represented businesses and individuals in settling accounts and resolving collection issues favorably.

We can help you or your business settle your individual or business debts.


Contact us to receive a no-cost initial evaluation of your debt litigation matter. Whether you have just received a debt collection letter, have just been served as a defendant in a collections suit, or if you need to be informed about your post-judgment protections, let us help you understand your rights and your options, so that you can make an informed choice regarding how best to proceed. We will provide assistance every step of the way.

Business Debt:

  • If you are in default under the terms of your commercial loan and are unable to make payments, we can help you and your business avoid serious consequences with our attorney negotiated debt settlements

  • Let us help you in working out principal and interest reductions, negotiate loan modifications

  • Free up cash flow, to continue operating your business or settle your debt for a portion of what is owed and avoid bankruptcy

Commercial Debt Collections:

  • If your business debt has been sold or is in collections, consider consolidation options and settlement.  Let us help you work out an affordable repayment plan.

  • Let us represent you in negotiations; we have experience with a wide range of creditors and know what they will settle for.

Credit Card Debt:

  • Credit card debt settlement allow you to avoid bankruptcy, eliminate your debt legally, with less adverse consequences.

  • We deal on a daily basis with many consumer credit card companies, their third party collection agencies and collections attorneys.  We know how to get you the best settlement.

  • We have built a strong reputation for successful advocacy on behalf of our clients, with a high success rate of settlements.

  • Let us represent you in negotiations to maximize negotiation results; creditors do not take advantage of us!

Collections Lawsuit:

  • When your lender (credit card, bank, credit union, payday loan) files a lawsuit, we can help you defend the lawsuit while working out a settlement you can afford.

  • We will explain your rights and discuss the best options for your financial and personal circumstances.

  • Our strength and experience lie in not only being an advocate but being an ally in your journey to becoming debt-free.

Your Rights:

  • Are you a victim of harassment by creditors? Are those actions in violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act? Talk to us to discuss your experiences and learn about you rights. 

  • You can represent you to protect those rights and evaluate whether you have a legal course of action.


  • Our goal is to help you resolve your debt in order to avoid the consequences of filing for bankruptcy. 

  • However,  bankruptcy protection is appropriate sometimes.  We can evaluate your options with you and guide you in the right direction.

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